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What to Wear to a West End Show

What to Wear to a West End Show

You’ve booked your Murdér Express tickets. The date is in your diary. You’ve booked your travel. Now, comes the hard job of deciding what to wear. If you’re not sure what to wear to a theatre show, don’t worry, you’re not alone. London’s theatre scene is renowned worldwide attracting theatre-lovers from all around the globe, so we can understand why you would want to make a good impression. The process of picking a suitable theatre outfit can be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Do you dress smart? Casual? Or opt for fancy dress? The choices are endless.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to wear to a West End show, if there are any specific dress codes you should be aware of and lastly, some inspiration for your next visit whether it’s with us or somewhere else.

Cast member on train in theatre outfits

Is there a West End dress code?

You’re probably wondering whether London’s iconic West End (or East End!) has a dress code. After all, it is renowned worldwide. Some shows may require specific attire, but for the most part, theatregoers are free to dress however they choose.

At The Murdér Express, we don’t impose a specific dress code so you can attend any of our shows in an outfit of your choice. Many of our passengers dress for the 1920’s journey to fully immerse themselves in the experience, so this is always an option.

Is fancy dress allowed?

Yes! Wearing fancy dress to the theatre is acceptable and here at The Murdér Express, we actively encourage it, especially outfits from the 1920’s. There’s more information on this on our FAQs. You might find that other immersive theatres and shows also encourage the same.

Some venues might not permit fancy dress, so it’s always worth checking with the venue beforehand if you’re unsure.

So, can I wear whatever I want?

For the majority of West End shows, the short answer is yes!

To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of fool proof tips that will help you along the way and take away the stress of perfecting the ultimate West End dress code.

  • Dressing Smart: Many avid theatregoers will often dress smart for a theatre trip. Although this isn’t required at any of our shows, this London theatre dress code will ensure you fit in with our sophisticated atmosphere and immersive experience. Besides, a classic dress or suit will make your evening feel even more special with more photo opportunities!

  • Pack Flat shoes: Here at The Murdér Express, passengers are required to board our shows at our Pedley Street Station. Whilst we welcome all dress codes, heels might not be practical for getting to the station as we are located on average, a 10 minute walk from Tube links, so packing flat shoes is always advised.

  • Add Accessories: Are you more of an accessories person? Add a touch of elegance to your theatre outfit with some accessories that reflect your personality. You can opt for simple accessories such as scarves, jewellery or a stylish tie. Many of our crew onboard will be wearing accessories, so you won’t be alone. Who knows, it might even make you feel more immersed in their world?

  • Layer Up: If you’re not sure what to wear to the West End or any of our shows, the golden rule is always layer up, especially during the colder months. London weather can be unpredictable so it’s wise to bring a coat or a jacket, especially if your show is later in the evening. Opt for an outer layer that compliments your outfit as you’ll likely be wearing it before and after the show. On arrival, our station crew can take your coats & jackets and hang them in our coat store for you.

  • Casual Options: Still not sure what to wear to the West End? If you’re attending one of our shows and you feel more comfortable dressing casual, you’re more than welcome to do so. For many passengers, this can mean a well-fitted pair of trousers, jeans or a skirt with a button-down shirt, a jumper or a comfortable top. Comfortable shoes are a smart choice too, especially if you’re walking around London before or after the performance.

But, what to Wear to the East End?

In the East End, we embrace the unconventional, we are immersive after all. Theatrical experiences here aren’t just confined to the stage; they extend into every corner of your evening.

So, what to wear in the East End? Think beyond traditional theatre attire. Here, we celebrate immersion, where your outfit becomes a part of the narrative. Whether you’re going for the glamour of the 1920s for a ride on The Murdér Express or opting for something uniquely expressive, let your style tell a story.

The East End doesn’t follow the rules; it creates them. So, step into the unexpected, and let your wardrobe be as immersive as the experience awaiting you in this vibrant corner of London’s East End.

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