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About Our Train Cocktail Bar

An immersive dining experience wouldn’t be complete without some stylish, hand-crafted cocktails to hand.

Here at The Murdér Express, we have some of the finest cocktails, wines, spirits and more available onboard. We also serve a delicious range of non-alcoholic beverages so there’s something for everybody.

Want to find out more about our stylish bar and beverages before your next trip?

Read more about our train cocktail bar below.

What drink options do you provide?

Our cocktail bar is fully stocked to offer our guests a variety of drinks and refreshments whilst onboard. From the finest wines and spirits to locally brewed beer, it’s an immersive cocktail experience like no other.

We also offer a delicious range of non-alcoholic beverages too so none of our guests will ever go without.

Can I get a drink whilst the show is running?

As you step into the immersive venue you will be shown the way to your assigned table, where you can order drinks from our cocktail bar seamlessly through your phone using the QR code on the table and your ticket. Even during the show, our QR code system ensures you can summon a drink to your table at any time.

Cocktails at theatrical cocktail bar London

Are the drink choices tailored to the menu?

Our cocktail & drinks bar is more than just a selection of beverages; it’s a journey through flavours that enhances the drama unfolding around you. That’s why we have created a new offering for 2024 – our Wine Flight.

The wines, chosen by the Sommelier at Lunar by Niall Keating and our Head Chef, are intricately paired seamlessly with each course of our immersive dining experience.

The Wine Flight is a great option for those wanting to immerse fully into the show and not have to worry about what drinks to order throughout, you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Are drinks included in the overall ticket price?

Our cocktail bar is fully equipped to serve our guests the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in town.

Unfortunately, drinks are not included in the overall ticket price. However, our cocktail bar is open throughout the show, so you don’t have to rush to get your drinks before the entertainment starts.

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